Draper  the Magician

I am proud to say all of my shows are age-specific, filled with laughter and guaranteed to create happy memories for a lifetime!

Draper the Magician

Magic and you

The Draper's magical show offers lots of audience participation and interaction! The Draper offers a HIGH-ENERGY show with lots of audience participation and interaction! The shows target ages 3 years and up, and they are an excellent way to entertain the entire family!

When you hire a magician, you are hiring a showman who is guaranteed to engage, amaze, and entertain your audience. Today’s magicians aren’t the same as the “abracadabra” magicians of the past. The modern magician is innovative, mysterious and well equipped to add that “wow” factor to any social event. Whether it’s just for fun or a unique, unexpected way to deliver a brand message, a skilled magician is sure to make it unforgettable.


Wedding Close-up Magician

The Magic happens right in front of you and sometimes in you own hands. The Draper will provide top quality wedding entertainment making your special day a wonderful and memorable occasion.

Wedding Magician

Party Magician

If you are celebrating an anniversary, birthday, Christmas party, or any other social event why not make the event outstanding with close up magic?

Party Magician

 Table Hopping Resturant Magic

People of all ages love magic! And most of the time they only see it on television. When they get to experience magic live, inches from their eyes, presented by a professional, this is an experience they will talk about for a long time to come. And the best part is that they’ll tell all of their friends where they saw the magic, thereby creating genuinely positive word-of-mouth advertising for your restaurant!

Resturant Magician

Family Stage Magic Show

Performed on a stage for 50 to 200 or more people. The audience is usually seated. Magic, comedy, and audience participation.

Family Magic Show