Hypnosis by The Draper

Watch as your friends forget their names, speak foreign languages, and see and hear things not present, Plus more..

Hypnosis by The Draper

Hypnosis and you

Comedy Hypnosis Show that will spark your event entertainment. Fun, fast-paced, and tastefully delivered program designed to generate audience participation. The hypnotist performance begins with a brief and interactive introduction to hypnosis to get everyone excited to be a part of the show. Everyone watching the  will be thrilled with the show and will linger to share stories about what they just witnessed. The hypnosis show is far safer than almost any other activity, while providing a fascinating form of entertainment. Each hypnotist show is different and age appropriate.

  • What is hypnosis?
    Hypnosis is an "altered" or a focused state of mind or consciousness. A person in hypnosis experiences a deep sense of relaxation. The deeper the extent of relaxation will increase the minds ability to focus on positive suggestions. With even a light state of hypnosis one can experience dramatic results in achieving desired goals.
  • Can anyone be hypnotized?
    The simple answer is YES... First you must want to experience hypnosis and be willing to be hypnotized. To be hypnotized you must cooperate with the hypnotist. The level of hypnosis will depend directly on your willingness to follow the instructions of the hypnotist and your level of concentration.
  • Can I be hypnotized against my will?
    NO, NO & NO! To be hypnotized you must be willing, you must want to experience hypnosis and follow the instructions of the hypnotist. You can not be hypnotized if you DO NOT want to be. Often I have people come up on stage with the attitude "I'll prove this doesn't work". You're right it won't work if you do not want it to work. On the flip side... if you do want it to work and you want to be hypnotized you will have a very relaxing experience and have fun!
  • Can you make someone do whatever you want?
    No. Hypnosis is not one person controlling another. You are aware and in control. You cannot be made to do anything you do not want to do or something that is against your morals.
  • Is hypnosis real?
    Yes. It may not be exactly what someone expects, but hypnosis is very real and a very useful tool to achieve goals, such as stop smoking, weight loss and so on...


College Hypnosis Show

The College Comedy Hypnosis Show is an engaging performance that combines student involvement, improv comedy, and the mysterious subject of Hypnosis.

Social Event Hypnosis Show

If you are celebrating an anniversary, birthday, Christmas party, or any other social event why not make the event outstanding with a hypnosis show?