Party Magician

Close-up magic is a wonderful addition to any social function and ensures that guests feel at ease and have a good time.

Party Magician

Party Magician

The Draper's style of magic is fun, baffling and full of fantastic visual effects. If you are celebrating an anniversary, special birthday, Christmas party or staff party why not make the event outstanding with close up magic? The Draper has been a magician and entertainer for fifteen years and will use his wealth of experience to make sure that the events he attends are a success for both host and guests. He will perform unique magic using coins, cards, and everyday objects and he will also tailor the entertainment to all age groups ensuring that nobody is left out.

Close-up Magic at parties

    At parties there are guests who may not be familiar with each other and with The Draper's easy style he will break the ice and make everybody feel included. He is a friendly and fun magician who will include everybody in his presentations.
    Magic performed at a party will create rounds of applause, laughter and a degree of excitement that will spread throughout the room. By using magic, The Draper will introduce strangers to each other, break the ice at tables and ensure that everybody has a good time.
    Want a 30, 45, or 60 minute show? The Draper can accommodate your needs and budget for your social event. Don't know what format is best for your event? Contact The Draper via the contact form or Live Chat below and Justin will be happy to discuss your event and budget with you.


Wedding Close-up Magician

The Magic happens right in front of you and sometimes in you own hands. The Draper will provide top quality wedding entertainment making your special day a wonderful and memorable occasion.

Wedding Magician

Party Magician

If you are celebrating an anniversary, birthday, Christmas party, or any other social event why not make the event outstanding with close up magic?

Party Magician

 Table Hopping Resturant Magic

People of all ages love magic! And most of the time they only see it on television. When they get to experience magic live, inches from their eyes, presented by a professional, this is an experience they will talk about for a long time to come. And the best part is that they’ll tell all of their friends where they saw the magic, thereby creating genuinely positive word-of-mouth advertising for your restaurant!

Resturant Magician

Family Stage Magic Show

Performed on a stage for 50 to 200 or more people. The audience is usually seated. Magic, comedy, and audience participation.

Family Magic Show